How we advise you

We offer tailored advice suited to your goals for transferring your UK pension

Financial PlanningTransferring your UK pension can be a daunting process. From choosing a provider to transfer your pension scheme to, to understanding the benefits and risks you have with the transfer… or whether it is really worth going through all the stress. Move My Pension takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides you with tailored advice that gets you the best outcome for your needs.

Depending on what you are looking for, the financial planning process could include attention to any or all of a range of aspects of your finances.

To ensure we provide advice that best suits your UK pension transfer requirements, we go through a few steps and keep you fully informed along the way.

Understanding your needs

We start by discussing what you are trying to achieve with transferring your pension. If we are able to help, we make sure we understand what you want and agree on likely timeframes and costs.

Gathering information for the transfer

We gather the information we will need on your pensions and financial situation, including your goals and values, to find suitable options to move your pension scheme to.

Analyse your situation

We then analyse your situation to determine what your options are and what you need to do to meet your goals. All considered options are based on discussions with you, as well as the information we gathered on your pensions.

Present recommendations

We then develop and present recommendations designed to help you achieve your goals. We discuss the recommendations with you to make sure you understand them, answering any questions you have so that you can make informed decisions. We listen to your concerns and revise our recommendations as appropriate.

Agreement & Arrangement

Once you are happy with the provided recommendations, we then discuss how the recommendations will be carried out. During this process, we either make the arrangements or coordinate these with you and your other professional advisers, such as your lawyer or accountant.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our job is not done once your pension transfer is completed. We monitor your progress over time, reporting to you regularly and reviewing the plan as your life changes.

Looking at transferring your UK pension to New Zealand? You can learn how to transfer or contact us for more information.

What clients say

“As new residents in New Zealand that were of ‘that age’ where we already had pension programmes and investments, we were really looking for an advisor that could make our financial integration into the country as seamlessly and effectively as possible. In addition to that, we wanted an advisor who took an interest in our objectives and goals and devised a strategy that was focussed on achieving that. Luke and his Move My Pension team have exceeded all of our expectations and we have been thrilled with both the service and the results.”

Richard and Chelsey Gee